5 things to know about Google Pixel 8a

For a starting price of ₹52,999

The Google Pixel 8a is now on the shelves, and we shall get you a full review of the device very soon. In the meantime, check out this list of must-know tidbits about the newest Pixel smartphone.

1) For that perfect click

Did someone blink or look away or (god forbid) sneeze? 'Best Take' lets you select the best shot where everyone looks their finest. With Audio Magic Eraser, powered by Google AI, you can easily reduce unwanted sounds in videos, ensuring you hear what matters most. Magic Eraser has also been upgraded, making it simpler than ever to remove photobombers, distractions, or messy backgrounds. Whether you want to erase them all at once or remove them individually, simply circle or brush over what you want going, and Magic Eraser will do the rest using advanced machine learning.

2) Gemini integration

Gemini is the all-new, reimagined digital assistant from Google, designed to be personalised and packed with Google's best AI features, all at your fingertips. With Gemini, you can do so much more than just basic tasks. From summarising emails to planning events, building grocery lists and exporting them to Docs, getting contextual help across Google apps, finding buried info in Drive, and even getting info based on a photo, Gemini will come to your rescue. You can create content, share it, draft and send emails or text messages, get suggestions, and share them with friends—all with the power of Gemini.

Gemini also offers Circle to Search, allowing you to search anything on your phone screen without having to switch apps. With Live Translate featuring Interpreter mode, Message translation, and assistant voice typing, you can communicate across languages with ease.

3) The Family Link app

Google has also simplified setting up a Pixel for your kids! Through the Family Link app, which houses parental controls, parents can tailor the family's digital experience according to their preferences. They can set phone usage parameters based on age and readiness, enable content controls, real-time location sharing, and approve purchases—all aimed at ensuring the safety of your family online. To utilise Family Link and manage your child's Google Account, you simply need to have a Google Account, be 18 or older, and possess an Android device (5.0+), iPhone or iPad (iOS 13+), or a Chromebook that supports Android Apps to download the Family Link app.

4) For added support and security

The Pixel 8a sets a new standard in the A-Series, being the first to receive seven years of OS, security updates, and feature drops. This ensures that you can keep your phones secure and up-to-date for an extended period. With the Tensor G3, the device features the Tensor security core along with the Titan M2 security chip, enhancing its resilience against potential attacks.

5) The most sustainable A-series Pixel yet

The Pixel 8a marks a significant stride in sustainability for Google's A-series Pixel smartphones. With at least 24% recycled materials by product weight, it has the highest recycled content in any A-series device to date. Utilising recycled metals, glass, plastics, and now tin, alongside 100% plastic-free packaging, the Pixel 8a champions eco-conscious design. Additionally, its back cover is crafted from 76% recycled plastic, further emphasising its commitment to environmental responsibility.