Amazon Ring Stick Up Cam Pro, Blink Sync Module Pro and Eero Max 7 devices are designed to keep your smart home secure

For some next-level surveillance!

Amazon has taken the wraps off of a range of new Ring and Blink security cameras along with the new Eero Max 7 at its Fall 2023 event. Let’s take you through the deets.

The latest addition to the Ring family is the Stick Up Cam Pro. It's inheriting some of the company’s high-end doorbell perks, like the radar-powered 3D motion detection and the bird's eye view. With 3D Motion Detection, you're in for motion alerts that are sharper and more accurate, Amazon says. Thanks to advanced radar tech like Bird's Eye Zones and Bird's Eye View, you can get an aerial perspective to precisely pinpoint movement. So basically it can show you the exact path a delivery driver took from the front gate to the side door when dropping off a package.

The Stick Up Cam Pro is a compact device that can brave the elements with its weather-resistant design. You can install it indoors or out. Mount it on a wall, hang it from the roof or ceiling, or simply pop it on a bookshelf to keep tabs on your furry friend's antics during your workday. It's got an HDR camera and Color Night Vision, so even when the lights are low, you're getting crystal-clear visuals. Plus, Advanced Pre-Roll captures and shares the six seconds leading up to a motion event. 

Amazon has also thrown in an Audio+ feature, which delivers decent sound quality thanks to two array microphones that come with echo cancellation and even a security siren to give intruders second thoughts. And when it comes to power options, you've got the trifecta: battery, plug-in, and solar. All this goodness comes for a price of $179 (approx ₹14,800) for the battery and plug-in versions, and $209 (around ₹17,300) if you opt for the solar-powered one. 

Now, the Blink Sync Module Pro ($49, around ₹4,000). This gadget marks Blink's very first system hub to offer an extended range specifically designed for Blink Outdoor 4 cameras.

It's all thanks to a brand new proprietary wireless protocol that's integrated into Blink's custom-built third-generation silicone. This means the Sync Module Pro can significantly expand the range of your Outdoor 4 cameras, going far beyond the limits of regular Wi-Fi.

With Sync Module Pro, you can now place your Outdoor 4 cameras in all sorts of new spots without worrying about Wi-Fi range issues. And for those who like to keep their video clips close, it packs a MicroSD card slot (MicroSD card sold separately) for convenient local storage. 

Another addition to the Blink family is the Blink Outdoor 4 Floodlight Camera ($159, approx ₹13,200). It's the evolution of Blink's beloved wire-free smart security floodlight, bringing you potent motion-triggered LED lighting and two years of battery life (assuming default settings). The Outdoor 4 already offers Blink's finest image quality ever for a battery-powered device. But when you pair it up with the Floodlight Mount, you've got the power to illuminate any spot on your property that needs extra visibility.

There's also the new Blink Outdoor 4 Battery Extension Pack, coming in at $29 (approx ₹2,400). It can be set up to extend the Outdoor 4's battery life to four years (again, based on default settings). You get to crank up the clip recordings, have more frequent two-way audio interactions and pump up the resolution and night vision brightness while still maintaining that legendary Blink battery life. 

Lastly the Eero Max 7. It's a new breed of eero that also marks Amazon's inaugural Wi-Fi 7 mesh system and, as per Amazon, is the speediest, mightiest eero yet. The Eero Max 7 blends the company's trademark TrueMesh networking tech with the freshest Wi-Fi 7 standard, resulting in fast speeds, airtight protection from pesky neighbouring networks, and a boost in mesh latency. And, it packs a 10 Gigabit Ethernet which means you can now download a 4K movie in roughly 10 seconds or snatch up a colossal 50-gigabyte video game in less than a minute but as it goes you can't get this much for peanuts, for the Eero Max 7 you will have to pay $599 (approx ₹49,700).