AMR-C01 Luxury Home Racing Simulator brings the race to your home

You may not be able to Stroll, but that doesn't mean you can't race

Fernando Alonso may have taken the only available seat at Aston Martin Racing but that doesn’t mean there isn't a place for you. From the streets of Monaco to Eau Rouge and Radillion at Spa, you can now race on your track of choice without even leaving the comfort of your home. But priced at a whopping £57,500 (₹53 lakh approx.) you may have to cash in your actual car to afford this simulator.

This Racing Simulator is designed to bring the track to you, giving you the closest to truly racing in an F1 car and honing your skills for e-racing. This sim is the brainchild of AMR and British tech company Curv Racing Simulators. The AMR-C01 sports a full carbon fibre monocoque, designed by the racing team itself. The seat too, is made of carbon fibre and comes with a customisable trim.

The simulator features a super ultra-wide QHD gaming monitor with a 32:9 aspect ratio, a high refresh rate and the lowest possible latency. The steering motor is as high-end as they come. It is the gold standard for simulators, offering exceptionally high torque response and precise feedback.

The wheel itself is Formula inspired with the paddle shift and clutch. On the wheel, there are nine rotary dials and 12 push buttons present, allowing you to be in control of the setup of every lap. Sporting a full-colour LCD display, the wheel comes with dual-clutch paddles with an adjustable bite point, to nestle up beside the carbon fibre gear shifter paddles.

To give you the complete racing feel, the simulator packs in an electronically-controlled sliding pedal box with 200mm of travel, an electric actuator and a carbon fibre enclosure with all mechanics hidden away in a clean, compact and concealed way. It ain't a race without the roar of the engine so the simulator has internal speakers and a Sennheiser headset to put you on track without disturbing those around you. 

All these features are powered by the Intel i7 CPU and Nvidia GTX 3070 GPU on the PCs and the AMR-C01 also runs the Assetto Corsa as standard. That said, you can run the simulator on various other platforms, including iRacing and rFactor2.