Boxing Day Binge Guide: The top 11 shows, movies and content to stream on OTT platforms

Gloves up…

Christmas may be over but it’s still December so let’s charge on in the holiday spirit and dive into the top picks to keep your day fulfilled and enjoyable as you chill with your family and kick back after a long, hard year. This is the top content to stream across various OTT platforms until the year ends (as does your patience and holiday mood). So let’s dive in…

In the mood for some Drama and Action…


Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

This one will have you questioning everything. Detective Benoit Blanc, played by James Bond AKA Daniel Craig himself returns to peel back the layers in this classic whodunit. This new adventure finds Blanc at a lavish private estate on a Greek island but the mystery of why and how he comes to be there is merely the first of many puzzles.

The Witcher: Blood Origin

If you haven’t caught one of the most awaited prequels of the year, this one is set in the elven world 1,200 years before the events of 'The Witcher’. The prequel will tell a tale lost to time providing glimpses into the creation of the first prototype Witcher and the events that lead to the pivotal Conjunction of the Spheres. Providing deeper insight into how the world of monsters, men and elves merged to become one.


Amazon Prime

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan S3 

If you still haven’t caught this one, it’s a can’t-miss! Jack Ryan returns for the third season and this time, we will see him working as a CIA case officer in Rome upon being tipped off that the Sokol Project, a secret plan that had been hatched to restore the Soviet Empire, is being resurrected more than 50 years after it was thought to have been shut down. Watch as he embarks on a mission to confirm the intelligence provided to him and as he faces several challenges along the way. 



The Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special 

Marvel fans assemble! It may not be a full-fledged Avengers film but this should quench your thirst for some new Marvel content. This particular adaptation of "The Guardians of the Galaxy," sees Knowhere being acquired by Cosmo the Spacedog from the Collector and being accepted as a new member. While the Christmas celebrations draw closer, the Guardians are sent back in time (figuratively for once) as they reminisce in the childhood tale of how Yondu wrecked Christmas for Peter Quill.

Perhaps something more Christmassy…


Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

Co-written by Leslie Bricusse and Stephen Donnelly, this musical adaption of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol features magical time travel. The famous Ebenezer Scrooge has just one night left before time runs out to confront his past and change the future.

Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery

Will Arnet shall revive the role of Senior Detective Terry Seattle. This time he will attempt to solve the critical case of Who Killed Santa? With a star-studded cast featuring the likes of Jason Bateman and Maya Rudolph with a unique catch — the two of them haven’t been given the script so they have absolutely no idea what’s coming their way. Fuelled by surprises, watch as they attempt to improvise their way through the case…


Prime Video

Something from Tiffany’s

Directed by Daryl Wein this adaptation of Melissa Hil’s book is a rom-com that is centred around a woman who unintentionally receives an engagement ring. In true rom-com fashion destiny leads her to the person she was ‘meant to be with’ as she embarks on a mission to return the ring. What follows as you can expect is the wholesome tale of two people coming together and connecting in what was meant to be a predetermined meeting in Something from Tiffany's.


Disney Hotstar+

The Santa Clauses

Centred around Scott Calvin, who is about to turn 65 and has always been everyone's favourite Santa. He suddenly realises he cannot continue in that role and sets out to locate another Santa who will be a good fit. He embarks on a voyage with his family to explore living an adventurous life south of the pole. Typical Santa, we say…

Something more traditionally ‘Boxing Day’…


AUS vs SA Boxing Day Test Match

For most this day is long-awaited and is an annual tradition at the MCG where Australia hosts countries coming down under for a summer tour. This year, the first-placed Aussies host the South Africans in the 2nd test of the series, in honour of cricket legend Shane Warne. It’s a definite must-watch for any red ball cricket lover

PAK vs NZ Test Match

Watch along as Pakistan hosts the Kiwis in Karachi. Expect action and quality cricket all around!


Disney Hotstar+

Premier League

It’s back after an exciting hiatus and it’s back with a bang! Kicking off with a London Derby with Brentford taking on the Spurs, followed by Crystal Palace vs. Fulham, Everton vs. Wolves, Leicester vs. Newcastle United, Southampton vs. Brighton and two biggies to round off the night with Liverpool taking on Aston Villa at Villa Park and the Gunners returning home to face West Ham.