Diwali Gift Guide 2022: 12 Eco-friendly gifts you need in your life!

Oh, its cracking!

Diwali has been known to be quite a painful time for the environment in the past, with the masses doing a great deal to speed up climate change. The harsh reality of lowering air quality has definitely been a rude awakening for most people, but hey, the battle ain’t over just yet. Be the change you want to see in the world (not the climate) by doing your bit for the environment. Don’t just hold back on the fireworks, but get yourself or your loved ones a piece of sustainable tech and other goodies, because this list has it all from phone cases and bottles to a bunch of handy gadgets!

1) Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar (₹63,900)

You can’t go much greener than Solar power and well the Forerunner does just that. This absolute tank of a watch is unaffected by workouts and has battery life for weeks not hours! Oh, and in the Indian climate you can expect it to be constantly charging (provided you leave your cage). It offers a gamut of sports modes and running analysis. It flaunts a 1.3in Corning Gorilla Glass DX touchscreen, with dual controls. So hey, if you are a comptitve tri-athlete looking for a new companion, it’s worth it if you can afford it . Since endurance sport can be quite monotonous, the watch let’s you store up to 2,000 songs via Spotify or Apple Music to keep you going.

2) Fossil Solar-Powered Watch Box Set (₹6,999)

When it comes to watches, this is a big step in the right direction, with the use of 100% vegan, rPet straps in 4 colours so that one watch can do it all. It is also solar-powered and has 5ATM water resistance, so it shouldn’t conk out on you.

3) House of Marley Smile Jamaica Wired Earphones (₹4,500)

Equipped with 9mm dynamic drivers, these in-ear headphones offer 2 size ear tips made from our soft and eco-friendly Regrind silicone to perfectly fit your ear. There is a microphone and a single button that does it all. Inspired by Bob Marley himself, this brand has combined craftsmanship with sustainability. The buds are made with FSC-certified wood, a 99% PCR polyester cable, recyclable aluminium, and delivered in 100% recyclable packaging.

4) Mandala Edition iPhone Case (₹899)

This biodegradable phone case is both stylish and environmentally friendly, perfect for Diwali gifting! (especially for those die-hard Apple users). Made of wheat straw, the case is durable and flexible so don’t worry about a few tosses and fumbles. (Though we wouldn’t recommend you yeet it across the room).

5) Adidas collection (From ₹2,499)

Adidas has partnered up with Rohit Sharma to launch its first sustainable collection in India. From tracksuits to loungewear, all the clothes have been made from recycled plastic.

6) Acer Aspire Vero Green (₹82,900)

While everyone is taking steps towards sustainability, this device goes above and beyond. The Aspire Vero Green is made using post-consumer recycled plastics and it comes packaged in 90% recycled paper. And if you are neck-deep into recycling, you can even use the packaging as a triangular laptop stand. The laptop has recycled materials everywhere you look, from the 100% ocean-bound plastic trackpad surface to the keycaps made out of 50% post-consumer recycled plastic. 30% of the chassis is recycled plastic too. The laptop uses relatively less power-hungry chips, keeping in line with the eco-friendly philosophy behind the computer.

7) Sirohi Lights and Planters (₹1,500)

What better way to celebrate Diwali than gifting your loved ones light itself? This handicrafts company brings sustainable home decor products that are handwoven with up-cycled waste materials to bring a new kind of beauty to your home.

8) Kagzi Bottles (₹20 per piece)

Paper bottles may seem a bit strange and confusing but this Indian company is changing the game when it comes to replacing single-use plastic with their innovative patented packaging technology. Not only is it a bottle, but it is also a compostable product with sustainable solutions.

9) Thaely Y2K Pro (₹7,953)

This incredible initiative is not only doing its part for the environment but the country too! Creating trendy shoes out of recycled plastic bags and bottles, this company handmakes and packages each shoe using a combination of ThaelyTex (made using 10 upcycled waste plastic bags), recycled rubber for the sole, rPET canvas (made out of 12 upcycled bottles) and printable recycled paper which can become a basil tree!

10) Panasonic ToughBook (₹1.5 lakh)

Epitomizing the concept of reuse and recycling, the ToughBook is built to last a lifetime (explains the price!). With hot-swap batteries and practically modular interiors, this laptop can take more than a fair share of beatings and reduces the need for throw-away tech. So definitely spend the big bucks if you are looking for a new life partner, cause this one may just outlive you!

11) Microsoft Ocean Plastic mouse (₹5,500)

Mice for the turtles! It may not be much but hey, it’s a start… 20% of the mouse’s shell is made using recycled ocean plastic. The plastic is then squashed into pellets and mixed with new material to make a (slightly) greener scroller.

12) Clan Earth - Pangolin Backpack (₹4,000)

This water-resistant canvas rolltop travel backpack is made with high-quality military-grade water-resistant canvas & metal fittings, perfect for the rough and tough outdoor lifestyle.