Diwali Gift Guide 2022: 12 gadget gifts for kids

Your kids have ants in their pants? Give the’ one of these

One approach is to learn ’em some resilience by only giving them a box of rusty old nails to play with; that’s not the one we’ve gone with here. We believe there is no right age for introducing kids to technology, the sooner the better. So this Diwali, gift them their share of tech. 

1) Fitbit Ace 3 (₹8,444)

Kids rarely seem to sit still for longer than a nanosecond, so buying them an activity tracker might feel like a total waste of money – but if setting a step goal every day gets them out of your hair while you are busy with Diwali prep, it’ll certainly seem like the bargain of the year. With a battery that’ll last up to eight days between charges, Fitbit’s Ace 3 also tracks active minutes, exercise time (its built-in activities include sprog-friendly stuff like trampolining and skipping) and sleep, so you might even be able to make bedtime easier by turning it into a competition… and you can’t put a price on that. The Ace 3 will cope with being dunked in up to 50m of water, so it can still be worn in the pool – even at the deep end! – or the bath.

There’s no GPS or data on calories burned, although kids over 13 can turn the latter on by upgrading their Fitbit account in the app.

2) Miko 3 (₹16,399)

Indian-born, ridiculously smart, emotionally intelligent and born for big things, we are assuredly not talking about your kid. The exordium was for the AI-powered Miko 3, a playful learning robot that is designed to fulfil and meet the distinctive developmental and educational needs of children. It also offers age-appropriate content on various STEM topics. Another fun fact about Miko, it has answers to over 240 million queries. However, we advise don’t allow them to unwrap the Miko until Diwali is over because you certainly don’t want another being hovering around.   

3) Amazon Echo Dot Kids (₹2,949)

Want a break from your curious kid and spend time fixing the house for Diwali? Well, you can assign them to Alexa. How? This version of the Echo Dot is specially designed for kids, it comes with parental control and attractive animal prints. With this smart speaker in place, you can ask Alexa helps them with homework, and answer their zillion questions, oh and Alexa can also sing them to sleep. This device is aimed at kids but it’s no toy.

4) Levitating Lunar Table Lamp (₹16,999)

Why buy them a normal night lamp when June's Crystal Levitating Lunar Lamp exists? Not only  does it float above the wooden base and slowly turn just like the real thing, but its 3D-printed surface is textured like the real thing too, so you can feel its craters under your fingers as you spin it. The only real difference is this one’s made of plastic instead of cheese.

5) Clever Connections (₹449)

Teach them to make connections before they start believing that the only connection that exists is a love connection. This STEM kit includes making models by using straw connectors and rings. It enables kids to explore while explaining the basics in the most basic manner. Plus, this gift might help you pull their minds off the pollution-causing crackers while they spend their Diwali in something way more productive.  

6) Nokia T10 (₹11,799)

A pocket-friendly option for the iPad kids of today, this tab comes with Google Kids Space, a library of age-appropriate content curated especially for little ones. The kid’s space includes apps, games, books and videos to help them explore, learn and discover. The app also works with the Family Link app from Google, allowing you to guide your kids’ experience by managing content, setting screen time limits and keeping their cyber safety a priority, all from your own device.

7) Einstein Box (₹689)

This box will not make your kid Einstein but it can certainly enhance their fundamental understanding and help them build concepts. The kit comes with close to 100 experiments for kids of different age groups. Einstein brain cells are not guaranteed. Yet again, we advise waiting until Diwali is over because you don’t want to misplace even the smallest part of this kit. 

8) Oppo Pad Air (₹16,999)

This is a straight study tab so it might not really strike a chord with your kid but definitely help them with their virtual performance. It comes with a decent screen size to support Zoom calls and online learning for your little one.

9) 13-in-1 DIY Robotic Kits (₹1,000)

If you want your kid to grow up to be an engineer or more precisely a robotic engineer, you will have to start from this very moment. It encourages kids to build things and develop dexterity and problem-solving skills.

10) Nintendo Switch Lite (₹16,299)

Want to save your phone from getting hijacked more than a dozen times a day, well hand them this gaming console and get ready to be deprived of your dearest because with this catchy device they might just forget you until next Diwali when you buy them a new present. 

11) Rocksmith+ (€13.33 /month)

Guitar Hero but better. This subscription-based online learning platform imparts classes on acoustic, electric and bass guitar through gamification. Its teaching method includes real-time feedback along with a range of learning tools. So by the time you are at your next Diwali Party they are ready to perform a number in front of family and friends (even if they hate it). 

12) Adidas X Lego NMD 360 C (₹5,599)

If you are a connoisseur of all things stylish and your child loves Lego then buy them a pair of the Adidas X Lego NMD 360 C shoes. Colourful and trendy, these lego shoes are made of recyclable material. Plus the colours in it definitely match the Diwali vibes.

Bonus Gift: The Game of Life (₹1,194)

If still in doubt, you can always just grab this board game and spend some quality time teaching your younglings about the game of Life. After all, it is a rite of passage!