Diwali Gift Guide 2022: 12 gifts for gamers

Having a blast

If you know someone who only emerges from their RGB-glowing den once a year, and you are unsure of what to get them this Diwali…we’ve compiled a list of Stuff-approved stuff, to keep your gaming buds happy. So whether online or IRL friends or even yourself (you can love yourself too, you know), one of these presents will bring a smile to their sickly face.

1) Nintendo Switch OLED (₹29,899)

No, it’s not the 4K-toting Switch Pro that had been rumoured for so long, but this improved version of the standard Switch (which is still available for ₨5,000 less) will wrap around you like a warm fireside blanket anyway. The new OLED display is an upgrade in quality and size (from 6.2in to 7in) if not resolution, and there’s also a much-needed kickstand and better speakers. The Switch OLED is really an upgrade for on-the-go gamers only, though: using it in the dock is no different. Even so, people are still buying Switches in big numbers and this is sure to be a real favourite this festive period.

2) Adidas Xbox 20th Forum Tech (₹13,999)

You can’t usually spot a gamer by what they’re wearing. There’s no special hat for PlayStation fans, or gaudy Switch trousers. But if you wear these trainers, made to mark 20 years of the Xbox, people will get the idea. 

3) Lego Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block (£160)

Considering Mario’s always had a thing for blocks, it’s surprising it took so long for him to hook up with Lego – but now the pair can’t seem to be separated. This 2064-piece cube unfolds to reveal multiple levels from Super Mario 64: there’s Bob-omb Battlefield, Cool Cool Mountain and Lethal Lava Land, with Princess Peach’s Castle in the middle. 

4) Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox X/S (₹10,899)

Already filled the hard drive of your next-gen Xbox with games? No need to spend half your life deleting and reinstalling stuff when you want to play it again: these cards slot into the back.

5) GameSir X2 controller (₹6,999)

The GameSir X2 is more than just a controller for your Android smartphone. Yes, it adds real buttons, sticks, triggers and a D-pad to any Android with a USB Type-C port, but it also has an  djustable USB Type-C port. 

6) Corsair HS80 RGB Wired (₹9,999)

The Corsair HS80 RGB is the most premium-feeling gaming headset we’ve put over our ears this year. The build and everything that touches your skin is made of excellent quality. Although, it’s not just about the quality of materials that tempt you to throw your money at it but also the audio. 

7) Blue Yeti Nano (₹9,995)

For the times when your mates can’t hear you over Warzone’s cacophony, this will make it easier for them. It’s as simple as plug ‘n’ play and comes with 24-bit recording capabilities inside a smaller chassis and changeable polar pattern. 

8) Sony SRS-NS7 (₹22,990)

Who needs headphones when you can now get a pair of shoulderphones? Packing two drivers, this wearable speaker immerses you in sound, with Dolby Atmos Surround and works with your TV, Phone, tablet and PC.

9) Corsair K55 RGB Pro (₹2,899)

For the young gamers that don't need Corsair's over-the-top features but just enough to get the gaming grind going. The K55 RGB Pro still remains our best pick for a feature-rich and pocket-friendly way to mash buttons in videogames. It also has six dedicated macro keys which is a rare sight in this price range. You can map functions to it and this works with elgato.

10) Zelda Switch Carry Case (₹5,902)

Link might need to carry weapons, food and elixirs across Hyrule, but you can probably make do with just your Switch. Still, might as well keep your beloved handheld snug and safe in this Zelda-themed carry case. 

11) Logitech Pro X Superlight (₹10,995)

People don’t often complain about how heavy their mouse is, but in esports it could be the difference between victory and weeping into your QWERTY. This one weighs less than 63g and promises virtually frictionless glide.

12) Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve (₹1,000)

Constantly let down by your slippy sweaty fingers? Razer’s stretchy but breathable digit covers have silver fibres woven in, which increase sensitivity and responsiveness on a touchscreen.