Diwali Gift Guide 2022: 12 new gifts for every kind of retro soul!

For those who believe the best is past us...

This new-age mumbo-jumbo doesn't seem to do it for you? Still use words like ‘mumbo-jumbo’? Have inexplicable back pain? This might just be the list for you! When it comes to all things old (or should we say ‘retro’), we have got you covered. We are still a tech magazine, so here is a list of old-timey products with new-timey functionality, and some classics of course!

1) Nikon Z FC (₹84,995)

Capture your Diwali photographs the old-school way, without all that Wi-Fi and live-streaming. Allow your loved ones to revisit the passions of their youth by getting them Nikon’s throwback snapper to celebrate with those you love most and not miss out on any memories. The camera pays tribute to the FM2, first introduced in 1982, the Z FC embodies its analogue ancestor in every way, from the textured shell to the LCD aperture readout. It may look vintage but on the inside, it is a thoroughly modern mirrorless camera. So while it provides the beauty of the past, you do get the practicality of the present. 

2) Klipsch Heritage Groove (₹22,999)

Mid-century modernism in miniature, this Klipsch Bluetooth speaker’s wood veneers wouldn’t look out of place set amongst a few diyas. It gives 8hrs of life on a charge, with the 3-in driver to deliver all the desi tunes you need. 

3) G-SHock GA-2100 Rubik's Cube watch (₹11,995)

This Rubik’s Cube-inspired G-shock bring retro charm void of the new age shenanigans (cause hey, not everything needs to be smart!). The nerdy wearable can survive shocks, dunks (up to 200 metres) and comes with interchangeable bezels too! 

4) Lego Typewriter (₹21,600)

This 2079-piece model is incredibly realistic with the carriage moving from right to left as you type and the keys even make that recognisable clicking sound much like traditional typewriters. So feel free to nerd out on this one.

5) Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda (₹5,500)

You may not have been a young kid in the 80s, but for many young who were, there was no joy greater than Nintendo’s Game & Watch. Reissued last year with Super Mario Bros pre-installed, this heritage handheld has resurfaced with three classic Zelda titles and an updated version of Vermin. So hey, it really is the perfect gift for any geek out there!

6) Grado Prestige SR60X (₹10,999)

Grado’s been mastering headphones since the 1950s, and at a glance, you are unlikely to be able to tell whether these wired cans were made 70 years or 70 days ago. None of the extras, just pure style and sound the Grado way.

7) Marshall Motif - (₹19,999)

Hmmm, how can wireless buds be ‘retro’ you ask? Well, these do have the styling of Marshall’s classic guitar amps on the exterior, but underneath the classy look, they come with adjustable ANC and a transparency mode.

8) Bubble Bobble Quarter Scale Arcade Cabinet (₹34,918)

No better way to celebrate the festival of lights than to light up the world with arcade games! This scaled-down, authentic replica of a Bubble Bobble cabinet will bring back-oh so many memories.

9) Saregama Carvaan Gold (₹12,990)

This old-school music player flaunts a beautiful metallic body with Harman Kardon sound. The device has a collection of 5000 retro Hindi songs spanned across 130+ music stations and 300+ podcast stations daily updated. You can even connect USB/AUX and Bluetooth in addition to the FM/AM.

10) Grid Game Boy Advance Frame ($200)

This artwork is a beautiful reminder of the glory years. The deconstructed and labelled Game Boy Advance displays the magic behind the device, motherboard and all. Perfect to gift those who love games or even yourself (totally worth the dirty looks that may follow)! If the Game Boy Advance isn’t your style, there is an array of other retro controllers you can have shipped to adorn your wall! 

11) Fujifilm Instax Mini (₹8,499)

Instant snaps might seem like a sentimental festive treat, but no one really wants their fake smiles captured in high resolution. This analogue shooter sorts exposure, focus and flash, leaving you free to frame up your awkward relatives.

12) Autbyte iPhone Case Gameboy (₹6,099)

What’s better than keeping your iPhone safe? Being able to play on your gameboy phone case loaded with 36 categories of retro games (because for some, today’s games just don't scratch the itch!). The cover is dust and shockproof with 5 hours of battery life. You may want to do yourself a favour and get one before Diwali, so you don’t have to keep unlocking your phone to keep the kids entertained.