Diwali Gift Guide 2023: 12 gifts for 20K or Less

Save money, spread happiness!

Because times are tough, and also because not everyone deserves that much of your money, here are some more affordable options.

1) Amazon Echo Dot (5TH Gen) | ₹4999

Of all Amazon’s Alexa-toting smart devices, the Echo Dot probably still gives you the most bang for your buck. The fifth-generation Dot sticks with the previous speaker’s design, but features a pretty much totally redesigned audio architecture, which results in beefier bass and clearer vocals than before. So if Alexa’s being asked to play DJ, you can expect an all-round improvement. New motion and temperature sensors expand the Dot’s already extensive capabilities, while Eero mesh Wi-Fi router owners can have it double as a handy range-extender in their home. This was already one of tech’s all-time bargains and it’s now even more bargainy.



2) Nothing Ear Stick | ₹4999

You could decorate a whole Christmas tree with all the different affordable in-ears out there, but there’s only one pair we’d put at the top: the Ear Stick. These ’phones are comfortable in the ear and offer ANC for under £100, which Apple certainly doesn’t do with its AirPods. Oh, and the transparent chassis means you can shine a light through them and they’ll look a bit like a star. 

3) 1More Sonoflow | ₹8800

These wireless over-ears look not unlike Sony’s all-conquering WH-1000XM5s. They’re not that good, but they do offer surprisingly good ANC and punchy sound for a wallet-friendly pair of cans, and 50hr battery life is the icing on the cake.

4) Google Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) | ₹21,105

If you know someone who’s picked up one of the new Pixel 7 phones, they’ll want to pair it with a good wireless charger. There are billions of options, but the USP of Google’s upright stand is that it can deliver up to 23W. 

5)Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro | ₹7999

Slapping a fitness wearable on their wrist is a good way to remind somebody to get started with their new year running plan... and the new Smart Band 7 Pro gives you a lot for relatively little. Built-in GNSS promises better tracking and faster position-locking than the old Smart Band 6, while a much larger AMOLED display shows a lot more information without having to swipe.


6) LYT 740ml Bottle | ₹12,055

Water might be last on your drinking list after mulled wine,

sloe gin, eggnog, sherry, port and Baileys, but it’s important to stay hydrated. This stainless steel bottle has a UV-C light built into the cap, which zaps germs every hour.

7) Suri Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush | ₹11,473

A newcomeron the electric toothbrush scene, Suri reckons the magnetic motor

in its first product delivers 33,000 plaque-lifting vibrations a minute – and it’ll even recycle the plant- based heads. 

8) Logitech Litra Glow | ₹29,522

Buying for a keen streamer, or just someone who’s always on a video call? This glowing light will ensure they always look their best. It gives full-spectrum LED light for a balanced, natural look, and sits on a three-way monitor mount.

9) Philips Heated Straightening Brush | ₹4,995

Perfectly styled hair is enough to light up a seemingly mundane day, so to do yourself this favour you can opt for Philips’ Heated Straightening Brush. This heated hair brush comes with ionic care that gives smooth, frizz-free hair in as less as five minutes, Philips says.

10)Marshall Willen | ₹9999

Marshall’s most backpack-friendly Bluetooth speaker to date is also perfect stocking fodder. As you’d expect, it looks not unlike a very teeny version of one

of the legendary brand’s amps, but here you’re pairing a smartphone rather than plugging in a guitar. The diddy speaker might weigh just 310g, but Marshall has crammed in two passive radiators paired with a 2in full-range driver.

11) Gamesir X2 Pro | ₹13,514

Microsoft is yet to launch a handheld Xbox, but you can at least make your Android phone look like one with this controller. The X2 Pro has the usual Xbox button layout, and new members even get a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate included.

12) Nokia C21 Plus | ₹8999

Nokia’s budget blowers have long been some of the best, and the C21 Plus doesn’t disappoint. Built with durability in mind, it has a 6.5in toughened glass HD+ display and a 4000mAh battery that promises up to two days of use.