Elgato Neo products are designed to make streaming seamless and effortless

More appealing to a less technical audience!

Elgato’s Neo collection is a streamlined, affordable, and compact range of products designed for streamers and content creators who don’t need to be computer wizards to run the show. The point of the Neo lineup from Elgato is to bring top-tier streaming expertise to everyone, recognising that in this age of remote meetings, everyone’s a creator—or at least looks like one.

With a focus on an out-of-box experience, Neo's plug-and-play design offers quick and easy setup without the hassle of multiple apps and complex settings. Nestled between bare-bones webcam/mic combos and high-end audio and video gear, Neo is ideal for those seeking a fuss-free, premium setup. Here’s a look at the Neo range.

Stream Deck Neo

Stream Deck Neo is a command hub for Elgato’s product suite. Featuring eight LCD keys, it lets you automate tasks, from turning on lights to joining video calls. With Stream Deck Neo, you can mute yourself during calls, pause Slack notifications, and check what's playing on Spotify—all at the touch of a button. Plus, Elgato has incorporated two capacitive buttons for page switching, providing you with an infinite array of customisable keys. An info display between these buttons serves as a handy digital clock, always at the ready. Stream Deck Neo is priced at ₹9069.

Game Capture Neo

Game Capture Neo, a testament to Elgato’s rich legacy in the streaming and gaming community, lets you record video from your PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch. It offers pass-through support for up to 4K at 60fps with HDR. For capturing, it supports up to 1080p at 60fps, making it decent for streaming on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Ready to go right out of the box, Game Capture Neo integrates with Discord, OBS Studio, and other streaming applications, making your journey to Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok a smooth ride. Game Capture Neo comes with a price tag of ₹11,009.

Facecam Neo

Next up is the Elgato Facecam Neo, delivering 1080p capture at 60Hz. It features an integrated privacy slider to cover the lens for added security. Overall, it's a straightforward yet effective webcam solution. Facecam Neo comes for ₹8000.

Wave Neo

The Wave Neo is a condenser microphone. It features a raised desktop stand, a tap-to-mute function, and integrates with Elgato’s advanced Wave Link app. The package includes a foam pop filter and a stand, combining function with flair in its lifestyle-oriented design. 

The Wave Neo sports a single cardioid pickup pattern mic, delivering decent audio quality with a maximum 24-bit resolution and a 96kHz sampling rate. Its frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 20,000Hz, with a sensitivity rating of -23dB and a maximum gain of 7dB. For added convenience, there's a headphone jack on the rear and integrated cable clips on the stand. It connects via USB-C, ensuring a simple and reliable setup. Wave Neo comes for ₹7899.

Key Light Neo

Meet the Key Light Neo, a diffused light designed to complement your webcam setup, whether at your desk or on the go. The Key Light Neo can be mounted on top of a laptop or monitor, freeing up valuable desk space. Featuring up to 800 lumens of brightness, this light features front controls for easy adjustment of brightness and colour temperature. You can vary the colour range from 2,900K to 7,000K, offering warmer or cooler lighting options. When powered over USB, it delivers between 300 and 400 lumens, but with the included power supply, it can reach up to 1,000 lumens, all while consuming just 15W. Key Light Neo comes with a price tag of ₹7500.