Everything you need to know about Spotify Wrapped 2023

Your musical vibe: Check!

Once upon a time, in the music-loving era of yore, the only way to curate your top-listened bands was through mental tallying or scribbling in your cherished journal. But the marvels of the 21st century! Spotify’s annual Wrapped compilations. You can find yours, if you're a Spotify user, in the app or online. Let's take a look at the guide on your Spotify Wrapped 2023 experience.

1) What can you discover?

Spotify Wrapped 2023 breaks down your most-listened-to song, revealing how many times you jammed to it and even the first time you gave it a listen. Plus, it whips up a playlist of your top tracks for easy replay. You'll also discover how many minutes you spent on Spotify this year and the day you binged the most. It dishes out stats on the number of artists you vibed with and crowns your ultimate music royalty.

You also get a list of your top five artists, along with the month you were most into each one. And about your top artist, Spotify rates your fandom level – are you in the top 20% of their fans. Plus, it lines up your five favourite tunes and reveals your go-to genre. Some artists like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Coldplay drop quick thank-you videos for you in your Wrapped roundup.

2) What's new in 2023?

This time around, Spotify Wrapped is jazzing things up by assigning some listeners their very own ‘Sound Town’, a city around the world that supposedly matches your musical groove. Look out for it as the third entry in your Wrapped experience, starting with "This year, your listening took you places..." Sound Towns popped up globally, hailing from spots like Canada, India, and Colombia, among others. To get your own Sound Town, you need at least three top artists who are extra popular in a particular city, meaning that they have a larger-than-average presence there.

Spotify's got another treat in store for you this year with "Me in 2023" titles based on your streaming habits. You'll get one of 12 cool "characters" like the vampire, the hypnotist, the time traveller, the fanatic, and more. Each character card sums up your listening style - are you a luminary, an alchemist, or maybe a shapeshifter? But just like Sound Town, not everyone's playlist gets them a ‘Me in 2023 title’. To get one, you've got to fit the bill for at least one of those 12 characters. Furthermore, Spotify's AI DJ also makes an appearance on the Wrapped this year. For a whole week, this personalised host will chat with you and craft playlists based on your Wrapped list.

3) How to share your results?

If you are eager to flaunt your Spotify Wrapped on social media and let everyone know about your taste in music, its quite easy. After going through your Wrapped report and relishing those stats, as you swipe through, keep an eye out for the share option. Once it pops up, simply hit the "share" button to download your result or post it directly to popular social media apps.

4) Exclusive merch

In the Spotify app, as you scroll past the Wrapped promotion and enjoy those thank-you videos from your top artists, you'll stumble upon a section called "Merch from your 2023 faves." That's where you might find some sweet deals like discounts on albums, or even spot exclusive Wrapped merch—like a special shirt that's marked as a Wrapped Exclusive.