OxygenOS 14 Open Beta is now available for OnePlus 11 users

A peek into the future of OnePlus devices

The first Open Beta for OnePlus’s OxygenOS 14 is now live, and it's exclusively rolling out to OnePlus 11 users in India. This beta is like a front-row seat to all the new stuff that OxygenOS 14 is about to bring to the party. 

Last month, OnePlus spilled the beans about the global launch of OxygenOS 14, which is based on Android 14, and is set to drop on September 25, 2023. OnePlus is bringing in the big guns with the 'Trinity Engine,' which is (apparently) about maximising the potential of OnePlus devices. The Open Beta for OxygenOS 14 is a thrilling ride with a bunch of new features. But remember it's a bit like the Wild West of updates, which means it might not be as rock-solid stable as the official OTA releases. Right now, it's an exclusive treat for OnePlus 11 owners in India but OnePlus plans to extend it to users in other regions soon.