Spa (on wheels) day

Life aboard the Range Rover SV

Speaking of the billionaire life, Business Class travel and luxury cruise liners are a staple in most teenage fantasies. But besides air and water, Land Rover has ruled the luxury domain when it comes to overland travel with its rich lineage of extravagant farm vehicles. Although, the farms have now evolved into vineyards and the vehicle has been upgraded to SV level, denoting the highest level of craftsmanship.

Coincidentally, the Land Rover team chose a luxury farm as the destination for our day out with the all-new and all-gorgeous Range Rover SV. It was a weekend for the memory books and my cohorts were Renuka Kirpalani (Executive Editor, Video Content - Autocar India) and Riaan George (Content creator/ Journalist).

There are days when you whine at an early start then there are days you get to wine after an early start. Luckily for this group, the Range Rover team had curated a scenic day out, punctuated by enough tannins, ferns and fun! The plan was to enjoy the club-class comfort of the Range Rover from the passenger seats when we begin our journey towards the picnic spot and once out on the open road, get a taste of what the V8 has to offer from behind the wheel. Pampering and power, all in one drive? Sign me up!

After admiring the large barge from every possible angle and marvelling at the detailing involved in seemingly simple embellishments like the ceramic SV roundel, it was time to call dibs on the boss seat to experience the full-phat experience of being chauffeured around in one of the best riding cars in the world. Available in two distinct lines, Serenity or Intrepid, we were riding in the uber-luxurious comfort of the Serenity in the extended wheelbase, four-seater configuration that throws in all the bells and whistles that the engineers could rally. Massaging seats, seat heating/cooling, leg rest extensions and recline ensures that you quickly get into zero gravity position and leave the dirty job of tackling traffic and broken tarmac to the able chauffeur and very capable air suspension.

Its fixed centre console hides a treasure trove of tricks and treats. Motorized everything includes cupholders, a dramatically rising tray table that can be angled for either passenger and a refrigerator containing Dartington Crystal glasses. All of this indulgence is matched by its entertainment system, in the form of enhanced Range Rover SV headphones that can be seamlessly connected to the 13.1in touchscreens for both the rear passengers. If you want to go sans headgear, the 35-speaker Meridian Signature sound system is as immersive as it gets. Compounded by the tomb-like quietness of the cabin, thanks in part to the active noise-cancelling speakers installed within the headrests, the SV is a place where the outside world stays where it’s supposed to be - outside.

After having our backs massaged and senses pampered, we reached our destination 90 minutes later, feeling fresher and even more excited to explore the farm life. Renuka took to the wheel, navigating us to an appropriately scenic spot where Riaan and I could set up the Tailgate Event Suite. RR speak for a posh picnic table that opens to the great outdoors, complete with a backrest, cup holders and its very own Meridian speakers to add a soundtrack to the sunsets! The searing May afternoon didn’t wither our excitement to capture the moments and guided by the able Mr. George, we even got a crash course in making watch-worthy content. More on the gram…

With our iPhones full of memories, we turned our focus on the 3-course meal, accompanied by a wine-tasting or beer-sampling session. Tanked up with the knowledge that we would be driven back to our respective homes, the revelry continued way beyond our expected ETD. But as we head back to the city, bellies and hearts full, it also magnified what a supreme long-distance cruiser the Range Rover SV is. The ride quality was probably the best of any rear seat I have experienced in my life, erasing any imperfections on the road as easily as we Photoshop out unwanted blemishes. Everything from the smoothness of the transmission to the power delivery is tuned for effortless travel for the passengers and in the long-wheelbase version, the option to tuck away the front passenger seat opens up even more legroom to stretch out. Monsieur George did not approve of being folded in half though, so it’s yet to be experienced.

From the little details like the mosaic pattern on the tray table to the white ceramic used for the primary control knobs, the SV ensures that you get your money’s worth in terms of exclusivity. Yes, upwards of Rs. 4.5cr is a ridiculous sum for an already expensive luxury car, but then again, I can’t think of many cars that offer their customers 1.6 million ways to personalise their new purchase! The Range Rover SV is clearly in a league of its own, and it shows.