Vivo X Fold3 Pro: All you need to know about this imaging powerhouse with ZEISS co-engineered camera system

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The Vivo X Fold3 Pro is the latest foldable smartphone, and comes with an impressive set of flagship specifications and hardware. However, it’s not only about the exceptional form factor and performance capabilities with the X Fold3 Pro; there’s also an impressive triple-camera setup co-engineered with the German photography specialist ZEISS. There’s a lot that goes into the camera setup, ensuring that it can take high-quality, professional level photos and videos with ease and convenience.

The ZEISS Multifocal Professional Photography system features a combination of ZEISS optics, the customized V3 chip in the Vivo X Fold3 Pro, and more. It’s a powerful photography setup that offers versatility and capabilities across different types of photography, giving you plenty of control and comfort in getting the right shot.

ZEISS Multifocal Professional Photography

The ZEISS Multifocal Professional Photography setup features ZEISS optics in combination with the custom V3 chip in the Vivo X Fold3 Pro smartphone. The setup also includes the 50MP VCS True Colour main camera, the 50MP super wide-angle camera, and the 64MP ZEISS Telephoto camera. The ZEISS camera capably backs up the camera system in various situations, including for telephoto images and portrait photos.

ZEISS Telephoto Camera

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The centerpiece of the ZEISS Multifocal Professional Photography system is the telephoto camera, which features a 64MP sensor with ZEISS Optics lenses. The camera offers 3x optical zoom and up to 100x digital zoom, letting you shoot clear and sharp zoom photos.

The camera also offers multifocal portrait photography capabilities with optical image stabilization, letting you choose from multiple focal lengths to take sharp detailed portrait shots, making use of various ZEISS portrait and bokeh styles. This promises better portrait shots, especially in low-light conditions.

Customised imaging chip V3

The Vivo X Fold3 Pro features the customized imaging chip V3, a dedicated 6nm processor for photography on the smartphone. This enables faster and more detailed image processing, the ability to shoot 4K cinematic portrait videos, and more. The result is faster image and video processing, as the V3 chip works seamlessly with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC to deliver images and videos which look more detailed, sharper, and more accurate.

Multi-scenario Hover Camera

The foldable form factor of the Vivo X Fold3 Pro comes in handy for photography, giving you tripod-like stability in Hover mode. This comes in handy for not only regular and wide-angle photography when the smartphone is placed on a flat surface, but also for stunning 4K time-lapse videos, breathtaking low-angle shots with waist-level shooting, group front-camera selfies, and AI night view photos with unparalleled stability without the need for a bulky tripod.

You can also use the convenient form factor for rear-camera selfies, set the camera to be able to capture photos from tight angles and in hard-to-reach locations, and preview albums and images while you’re shooting. The large 20.38cm (8.03”) main screen of the Vivo X Fold3 Pro not only serves as a big viewfinder for the camera, but also to allow a certain level of multi-tasking and visibility while working with the camera.

The Vivo X Fold3 Pro goes on sale on June 13 at 12am for Rs. 1,59,999. Buyers can get up to 10 percent cash back with ICICI, SBI, HDFC, American Express, and HSBC cards, free one-time screen replacement for six months (for purchases up to June 20), up to 20 percent off on V-Shield for screen damage protection, and V-Upgrade exchange bonus of up to Rs. 10,000.