Stuff Gadget Awards 2022: Best Monitor of the Year

Monitor your success!

Stunning graphics, high-speed internet and boatloads of skill and patience are the perfect recipe for gaming. While we can’t provide you with the latter two, this monitor will definitely provide the first. So whether you are gaming or working, this is the best monitor of the year to keep your eye happy and your soul happier!

Monitor of the Year

Benq ENQ Mobiuz EX3210U

Built like a tank and the white back panel matches the PS5’s dress code, this monitor is definitely a contender for a beauty pageant. Offering crispy 4K quality, the Mobiuz EX3210U is a great monitor to make a centre point in your gaming cave. The display colours are accurate and crispy with a couple of options to tweak things manually for both audio and video quality. If a monitor is the source of your joy, income and entertainment, the Mobiuz EX3210U’s massive 32in display is great for content consumption, racing and adventure games or whatever your heart desires on the PC and the PS5/Xbox Series X.


● Gigabyte M28U ● Samsung Odyssey G9 ● Asus PG32UQ