Taiwan Excellence: Unleashing Taiwan's Tech Edge

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There’s a bit of Taiwanese tech in practically every gadget we handle, right from ultra-portable travel gear to those state-of-the-art gaming rigs. And here’s a chance to experience the cutting-edge Taiwanese tech up close.

From award-winning gaming hardware to innovative lifestyle products, Taiwan Excellence, a prestigious recognition by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), showcases the nation's finest creations. Each year, a panel of experts selects the coolest gadgets, honouring winners with the globally renowned Taiwan Excellence Award. These products prioritize innovations in design, R&D, quality, and marketing. Witness them firsthand at the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion (Booth 507, Hall 2) at Bharat Mandapam (Pragati Maidan), New Delhi from July 8th to 10th.

Gigabyte Z790 Aero G Motherboard: Dominate the battlefield

The core of any gaming PC is the motherboard, ensuring compatibility between the docked components. The Gigabyte Z790 Aero G motherboard is a powerhouse compatible with the latest 13th and 12th Gen Intel Core processors. The device offers unparalleled processing muscle, ensuring your PC tackles even the most demanding games with ease with the right components. Unlock lightning-fast response with the increased bandwidth of DDR5 memory and experience the raw power of the PCIe 5.0 x16 slot. Additionally, the board comes with built-in Wi-Fi 6E and 2.5Gb Ethernet LAN connectivity to minimise lag during online battles, keeping you one step ahead of the competition. Support for multiple NVMe SSDs allows for rapid boot times and quick in-game loading.

MSI Prestige 16 Al Studio: A powerhouse disguised as a sleek laptop

For creative professionals and gamers who demand versatility, the MSI Prestige 16 Al Studio packs a serious punch, housing a powerful Intel Core processor and an Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics card. Edit demanding creative designs with ease and render breathtaking visuals without breaking a sweat. The vibrant QHD+ display brings your creations to life in stunning detail, allowing you to make those subtle details stand out. Unlock your inner artist and fine-tune your design with the included stylus, perfect for precise digital drawing and creative expression. Pre-loaded design software eliminates the need for lengthy installation processes, allowing you to dive straight into your projects. Whether you are that occasional gamer who likes gaming on the go or a creative professional crafting stunning visuals, the MSI Prestige 16 Al Studio is the perfect companion for you.

Cybo Run T1000 Treadmill: Redefining home fitness

The all-new Cybo Run T1000 treadmill by Gee Hoo promises to be a game-changer in the world of fitness equipment. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, design, and performance, Cybo Run offers a natural running action and a uniquely engaging user experience. Powered by iCG's innovative technique with international patents, the precision-controlled training plate adapts to your training goals and experience level. This ensures a personalised and effective workout for everyone.

Mbran Filtra Pocket Water Filter MF-200: Hydrated on your trails

Hydration is key when you're on the move, and it becomes a challenge on a trekking or camping trip. The Mbran Filtra Pocket Water Filter MF-200 offers a reliable solution. This compact and portable filter is tested by SGS (PX/2020/A011301) and proven to block 99.9 percent of bacteria, microorganisms, sediments, and other impurities. Its 28mm standard bottle mouth design ensures compatibility with most commercially available PET bottles, making it a convenient and effective way to stay hydrated with pure water wherever you go.

Transcend ESD310 Portable SSD: Your game library on the go

Gamers with extensive libraries know the frustration of lengthy load times. The Transcend ESD310 Portable SSD eliminates this frustration entirely. This compact powerhouse provides reliable storage for your entire game library and essential applications. Experience lightning-fast load times and seamless file transfers at up to 10 Gbps, allowing you to jump into your favourite games in a flash. The lightweight and portable design makes it the perfect companion for gamers who enjoy taking their setup wherever they go. However, the benefits of the Transcend ESD310 Portable SSD extend far beyond gaming. Whether you're a gamer with a massive library, a creative professional working with large files, or a business user constantly transferring documents, this compact powerhouse offers the perfect solution.

These are just a glimpse into the vast array of top-tier hardware crafted in Taiwan. Taiwanese tech presents a combination of unmatched innovation, exceptional quality, and reliable performance to let you experience smooth gameplay, fast frame rates, and minimal lag in addition to convenient design innovations.

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