Top 3 new features on Threads

Is it enough to excite the GenZ attention span?

Since its explosive launch, Threads has captured the attention of millions but some would say retaining the attention has been a struggle. To ensure it isn’t just a one-week wonder kind of platform, the brand has brought some fresh updates, to keep the interface fun and people interested. Mark Zuckerberg himself announced these changes in a recent Threads post, and we're here to break down the top three new features that are sure to make your Threads experience more enjoyable.

1. Seamless Sharing to Instagram DMs

Tired of copying and pasting posts from Threads to Instagram DMs? Well, worry no more! The latest update lets you share a Threads post directly to Instagram DMs. Just click on the three horizontal dots next to any post and select the "Send to Instagram" option. This nifty feature streamlines the sharing process. Whether you're sharing with one person or a group, this feature ensures that your favourite content can be effortlessly shared across platforms.

2. Enhanced Accessibility with Custom Alt Text

With diversity and inclusivity at the forefront of social media development, Threads is stepping up its game by introducing custom alt text for images and videos. Accessibility is critical, and this feature empowers users to edit auto-generated alt text, ensuring that visually impaired users can also engage meaningfully with your content.

3. Effortless Mentioning with the New Mention Button

Gone are the days of awkwardly typing out usernames to mention someone in your Threads posts. With the new mention button, connecting with your friends and followers is much easier. This feature simplifies the process of tagging individuals in your posts, allowing for smoother communication and engagement. It's a small change with a significant impact, making interactions on Threads more convenient.

4. Bonus Feature: Decentralized Identity Verification

Unlike other Meta platforms, Threads is a bit more decentralized. You can now verify your identity on platforms like Mastodon using rel=me links. This puts Threads into the fediverse of madness! So now users who interact across different platforms with a verified identity. It's all about giving you more control over how you present yourself online, fostering a more genuine and trustworthy online community.

Mark Zuckerberg has also recently announced that the web version of Threads is on its way, further expanding the reach and accessibility of this captivating platform. So, the question remains: Are these new features enough to keep you on Threads?