Top 4 features on the JioCinema app for FIFA World Cup 2022

For some extra oomph!

Keeping up with FIFA fixtures? The high-voltage performance and on-ground thrashing by ace players? Or merelyjust watching the games? We say you are not actually keeping yourself fully updated if you are not using JioCinema’s new features. What features, you ask? There is a whole list of cool features to make your viewing session a little more exciting. Also, the new update is available on Android, iOS and JioCinema Web. Read on to know about the new features. 

1) Hype mode

The hype mode basically has a handful of useful features like trivia about the teams competing against each other as well as the players. So the next time you enter a verbal duel proving the team you support is better, just refer to the information then and there. Plus, you can also view stats such as scores, corners, ball possession, fouls and offside calls, along with lineups, point tables and the latest results for other matches. There is also a six-slide tutorial to guide you through.

2) Multicam view

It's also basically a part of the Hype mode only but its usability calls for a separate mention. The Multicam view allows you to look at a live match from different angles and also switch between camera perspectives as many times as you want so you can find the best angles and even important highlights. Be warned, this feature is only applicable as long as a match is going on!

3) Time Wheel 

This feature allows viewers to relive any moment from the match, rewind a striker scoring a brace while you were away filling your water bottle or grabbing food from the delivery guy. It’s standard but a healthy addition for a live match, eh?

4) Five languages to choose from 

Don’t understand English or Hindi? JioCinema is streaming every match in five languages so you can switch between your preference for English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, and Tamil with just a click. It’s beautifully accessible for a live match.