WTF are Twitter Notes?

Uncharacteristic changes are headed your way!

We are all well aware of the recent turn of events, with regards to Elon Musk’s plans to take over Twitter, for the meagre sum of $44 billion. But, that’s not the only change the company will bear witness to this month. 

With people questioning the direction of the platform, Twitter has announced a brand-new feature it’s been working on – Twitter Notes.

What are Twitter Notes?

Twitter has always been a platform that lets you express within the confines of a strict character limit. While that limit has relaxed over years, it still takes some talent to say everything on your mind in just 280 characters. 

Users have largely resorted to multiple threads or screenshots to say more, and now Twitter wants to make it easy. Called Twitter Notes, it is a feature that will serve as a new long-form type of blogging. 

It is currently being tested by select groups of users in the US, UK, Canada and Ghana. It is essentially a way to allow users to embed GIFs, photos and other multimedia into long-form essays that can be read both, on and off Twitter. The new character limit on Notes will be 2,500, which is a significant jump for Twitter users.

How do I use it?

It seems pretty straightforward so far. Users can just click on the "Write" button to start writing a Note. Once you are satisfied with your Shakespearan masterpiece (or long-form meme), you can then embed the Note into your tweet.

In case you are uncertain about the quality and accuracy of your post (hindsight, right!) or have somehow managed to spot a jarring typo in your 2,500-character essay, you can always go back and edit a note after it’s published.

When will I see it?

Although it’s still in the testing stage, several writers have already published Notes on the platform. Twitter is already sharing GIFs showing how it works, so it can only be a matter of time now. The real question is how will the update be received by the masses, after all, Twitter users aren't particularly known for their kindness! 

Plus, providing them with the ability to blog long-form might just take away something from the appeal of the long-standing micro-blogging platform. But hey, Twitter has seen big changes this month and maybe it will succeed in “filling in that missing piece”.