2024 Triumph Tiger 900 Series launched at Rs. 13.95 Lakh (Ex-Showroom)

Hear me roar?

The new 2024 line-up includes the Tiger 900 GT, GT Pro and Rally Pro, each providing a significant step-up in performance and specification. To start with,Triumph's Tiger 900 has undergone a significant engine upgrade, the three-cylinder powerplant now delivers 13% more power compared to its predecessor, producing 108PS of peak power and a peak torque of 90Nm. This boost in power is complemented by greater tractability at lower rev ranges, making it more user-friendly for a wider range of riders. The engine's T-plane crank and offset firing intervals maintain the distinctive character and sound of the Tiger 900 while also improving performance across the entire rev range. Additionally, Triumph has managed to increase fuel efficiency by up to 9%, ensuring riders can cover more ground on a single tank of gas.

Safety improvements include upgraded braking systems, providing better control and shorter stopping distances. Additionally, a new emergency deceleration warning system has been added, which automatically activates hazard lights during rapid braking and deactivates them when you resume riding. There’s also a new 7in TFT instrument, with new graphics and menu system and a new USB-C cockpit charger, as well as My Triumph Bluetooth connectivity as standard on all models. When it comes to comfort the new rider seat is flatter and roomier and comes with 20mm adjustability. Triumph has also worked on the handling and the handlebars now feature damped mounting for a more comfortable experience. The GT (Rs 13.95 lakh) and the Rally Pro (Rs 15.95 lakh) see a nominal increase in price while all the older models are now discontinued.