Adidas’s revamped Supernova collection features new midsole foam for enhanced comfort

Good day for shoe lovers!

Hot on the heels of the Nike Alphafly 3 launch news, Adidas has introduced the first of the three new road running shoes in the Supernova series — the Supernova Rise. The Rise is hitting the shelves for purchase starting from December 1, while the Supernova Solution and Supernova Stride will be available for sale from February 22.

Each of these shoes have a new midsole foam called Dreamstrike+, drawing inspiration from the Lightstrike Pro foam in the Adizero series. In the Supernova Rise and Solution, this foam encompasses the entire midsole, while in the Supernova Stride, it's used in the forefoot area alongside a more traditional EVA compound in other sections.

Furthermore, the Supernova Rise and Solution come equipped with a 'support rod system' integrated into the outsole. Adidas indicates that this system is inspired by the natural movement of your foot, offering targeted support and stability where it's most needed. Additionally, in the Supernova Solution, the two central rods are linked together, providing amplified support.

Among its standout features, these shoes have a comfort heel fit, combining cushioning foam and soft textile for optimal comfort and support. Taking cue from the beauty of nature and the vibrant energy of bioluminescence, the Supernova Rise sports a sleek colour scheme featuring a dark base of black and aurora hues, highlighted by semi-green spark detailing, the shoes are priced for ₹14,999.