Adobe’s Project Fast Fill is using generative AI for video-editing

Your videos are in for a treat!

Adobe seems to be all set to tackle the trickier world of video editing, and it’s banking on generative AI to make it happen. Adobe has taken the wraps off Project Fast Fill that lets you erase people, insert objects, and change colours in videos using the power of generative AI and text-prompt interactions. Project Fast Fill can also pull off tricks like swapping clothing accessories on moving people or erasing tourists from the background of a scenic shot.

Think of it as Google's Magic Editor, but this time it's working on videos, not just static images. Fast Fill does similar sorcery as Adobe's Project Stardust does for photos – you can change colours just by typing in a command. This AI magic is all thanks to Adobe's updated Firefly AI models. Project Fast Fill gives us a sneak peek at what human-guided generative AI can do in video editing tools like Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Project Fast Fill is still in the experimental phase, with Adobe's engineers tinkering away. They've got their sights set on bringing this feature to Premiere Pro and After Effects, but they're keeping the timeline under wraps for now. Stay tuned for more information on this!