Apple Store : 5 reasons to be excited

And the iPhone is not one of them

Waiting for an Apple Store to open in India was beginning to feel like landing a seat aboard SpaceX’s first-ever passenger moon flight. Not in this lifetime! But lo and behold, the ‘Make in India’ campaign has led to Apple fanboys flying high, even if it’s just at pictures of the Apple BKC and Apple Saket store facades! Why is this such a big deal, you ask? Our neighbourhood applesingh store ensures we have a steady supply of Apple Watch straps and iPhone cases, after all. But the opening of the official, company-owned Apple Stores is a game changer in more ways than one. Here are five…

1) Today at Apple

Always wanted to use iMovie or Garage Band on your iPhone or Mac but didn’t know how? Today at Apple is an ongoing initiative, hosted only at Apple Stores to enable learning and exchange of ideas amongst creative individuals. Everything from basics to advanced techniques on a variety of topics and disciplines are covered and you can even book a group session if you like. Signing up is easy on and you can BYO-Device or use an Apple loaner at the venue. For the island city specifically, ‘Mumbai Rising’ is a special Today at Apple series that will run from 18th April all way through summer, bringing together local artists, professionals and culture experts to create experiences and sessions unavailable anywhere else.

2) Genius Bar

Right, ALL bars are a genius idea. But the Apple Genius Bar does the same for your iDevice. Want to port from Android to iOS but don’t know how? Bricked your phone and need to retrieve sensitive data? Confused between the iPad Pro and MacBook Air? The Apple experts at the Genius Bar are equipped with all the knowledge and power to help you get back on track with minimum downtime and maximum efficiency. In fact, you can even get your products home-delivered on the same day, depending on your location. To add another layer of protection against damage or theft, the AppleCare plan comes in handy and amongst the many available, the bartenders will help you identify the best one for your needs too.

3) Design

Be it the iconic glass cube in NYC or the mid-water sphere in Singapore, Apple Stores always imbibe the cultural influences from their surroundings and the Indian stores aren’t any different. Whether you’re a gadget geek or a student of design, both the Mumbai and Delhi stores promise to wear the local flavours and colours. Inspired by the ubiquitous kaali-peeli taxis that ply all over the city, the Apple BKC facade is adorned by bright colours and kitsch artwork, hinting at what the interiors may hold. On the other hand, Apple Saket in New Delhi pays homage to the numerous historic “gates” of the city built during different periods and rulers. Stepping inside either of these stores should be a delight for the senses and since Apple is all about the details, keep your eyes open for easter eggs!

4) Accessibility

Always persevering to deliver the same experience to anyone and everyone, every Apple Store is designed keeping accessibility in mind. Tables with enough spacing between each other for a comfortable wheelchair experience throughout the store, instructions in Braille at key access points, elevators for multi-storied stores and even portable hearing loops for enhancing the experience for the hearing impaired during Genius Bar appointments or Today at Apple sessions. Given the typical tightness of most gadget stores in India, this should come as a breath of fresh air for tech lovers from all walks of life.

5) Exclusives

An Apple tote for your Sanjay Gandhi National Park picnic? Or perhaps an Apple coffee mug for your swanky Cyber City corner office? While we don’t know if the Apple Stores in Mumbai and Delhi will stock merchandise, we sure hope that they have a few knick-knacks that help show allegiance to the mothership. The Visitor Centre at the Apple Park in Cupertino is known for its inventory of exclusive t-shirts, caps, memorabilia and even the limited edition Jony Ive coffee table book. The only way to find out if Apple BKC and Apple Saket have anything special in store for the fans…is to see for yourself! Apple BKC opens on April 18th and Apple Saket on April 20th, so pre-book that cab already!