Apple to hold the Let Loose event On May 7: Here’s everything you need to know

Going to be one for the books!

Apple is getting ready to rock the tech world on May 7, 2024, with an online event called 'Let Loose.' It's their first big event of the year, and it's expected to bring some exciting upgrades to the iPad Pro and iPad Air, along with (maybe) a few surprises for their accessories. Here's the lowdown on what we're expecting from tomorrow's Let Loose event! 

The big buzz at the event is rumoured to be the introduction of OLED screens for the iPad Pro, we also told you this a couple of months back. Apple will be upping the visual game with improved brightness, contrast, and colour accuracy. This upgrade aims to make the iPad Pro an even more powerful tool for creative pros.

The new iPad Pro models are also expected to slim down significantly compared to their predecessors. The 12.9-inch model could shrink by 20%, while the 11-inch model might trim down by 15%. This sleeker design could be partly thanks to the switch to OLED displays, but there's some speculation about how this might affect battery life.

While the spotlight shines on the iPad Pro and its OLED transformation, Apple is also gearing up to refresh the iPad Air lineup. One of the standout additions is expected to be a 12.9-inch iPad Air, a first for this larger size in the Air category. However, this model is likely to stick with the LCD tech of previous Air models.

There are also whispers about Apple debuting its new, faster M4 chip with the iPad Pro lineup. If true, this could bring significant performance and efficiency boosts over the current M3 chip, further cementing the iPad Pro's reputation as a productivity and creativity powerhouse. However, for Macs, Apple is likely to hold off on refreshing the lineup until later in the year.

Alongside the new iPad Pro models, we might see a spiffy new Magic Keyboard with an aluminium base, a larger trackpad and even some fancy function keys. Plus, there could be the third-gen Apple Pencil, rumoured to be packed with features like swappable tips and Find My integration. There's even talk of a "squeeze" gesture for some extra control. 

With all the updates and maybe a new chip in the mix, you can also expect some price bumps. Sources hint at base prices going up by at least $100. So, if you're eyeing a complete iPad Pro package with the new Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil, be prepared to splash out a bit more!