Ask QX PRO is an AI multimodal generative platform

With support for over 120 languages

QX Lab AI has launched Ask QX PRO, a major upgrade to its already existing generative AI platform, Ask QX. This latest version goes beyond the original text-based features to include multimodal capabilities. With support for over 120 languages, Ask QX PRO is aiming to break down linguistic barriers, making generative AI more accessible. As for now, a free version is up for grabs and a premium model is set to hit the shelves in mid-June.

Ask QX PRO has levelled up its game with a range of new features, including text-to-image and image-to-text generation, document analysis, and text-to-code conversion with code editing capabilities. According to the company, these additions offer "universal value and reliability for different practical uses."

One standout feature of the platform is its use of a foundational model, which means it trains on its own datasets and operates with its own API. This places QX Lab AI in a group of companies, alongside OpenAI and Google's Gemini, that are pioneering foundational AI models.

Ask QX PRO also provides business users with a specialised architecture that integrates technologies like the Advanced Multimodal Synthesis System (AMSS) and the Dynamic Integration and Synthesis Matrix (DISM). These technologies are tailored to manage intricate data integration and analysis for a variety of industry applications.

QX Lab AI underscores its dedication to data privacy and security. The company says user data will be stored locally and handled by UK and EU regulations. While the Android version of Ask QX PRO is currently available, an iOS release is on the horizon.