Asus ROG Raikiri Pro controller comes with an OLED display

The bid-daddy of controllers?

A controller is a bridge between you and your virtual world so it's imperative to have a high-quality and feature-laden controller or else you’ll be no better than a knight with a sword made of jelly. Like the ROG Raikiri Pro, it has additional rear controls, selectable step triggers and supports extensive customization but what's most interesting is it's 1.3in OLED display.

The Raikiri Pro comes with Tri-mode connectivity which means you can connect it via USB Type-C, Bluetooth v5.0, and 2.4GHz RF, making it a true social butterfly of the peripheral world. And, if you want to get wired, it can even cosy up to your Xbox console. Plus, with its built-in ESS DAC, you can immerse yourself in clear and crisp audio.

With the use of Asus’ Armoury Crate software, you can also personalise the mini screen to display text, animation or custom images. You can also remap buttons, adjust the sensitivity for its analogue joystick and even set your triggers to short or full-range modes. Who needs a butler when you have an Armoury Crate, right?

Its price is still shrouded in mystery. So if you are racing to acquire a new controller right away you can have a look at our review on the DualSense Edge: the only condition is you have to have a PlayStation instead of an Xbox, wink!