BenQ Zowie EC-CW is a wireless mouse for eSports gamers

Are you all about swift manoeuvres and top-notch control?

The sheer importance of a wireless mouse for eSports enthusiasts is beyond description. If you are one, we bet you’d definitely be nodding at this moment. BenQ seems to have understood this, thus the latest BenQ Zowie EC-CW wireless mouse for gamers.

According to BenQ, the mouse reduces the fatigue of the flexor carpi ulnaris muscle (FCU), basically, your wrist when you're going all out with those fast clicks. If you're into games that involve a lot of up-and-down action, the EC3-CW with the shorter length could be your go-to option.

It's got an asymmetrical ergonomic design that fits your hand. Plus, it’s lightweight and nimble, which means you can move it around like a pro and zip through those virtual worlds in no time. It packs the 3370 sensor, which means enhanced tracking accuracy and responsiveness. BenQ claims with this mouse your slightest hand movements get translated into laser-accurate in-game actions. Talk about being on point!

Wondering about the price already? Well, BenQ ZOWIE EC-CW wireless mouse can be yours for ₹14,990.