Black & Decker appliances are now officially available in India

Debuting in the Indian market

You must have come across heavy-duty tools by Black & Decker while unleashing your inner handyman (or handywoman) at some point or the other. Fun fact: they’re the inventor of the first portable electric drill with a pistol grip and trigger switch. Wondering the purpose of this information? Well, the brand is all set to launch its larger appliances in India now and has announced a licensing partnership with Indkal Technologies, a Bangalore-based company, an Indian-origin tech company.

To begin with, you’ll very soon be seeing Black & Decker washing machines and air conditioners in the stores near you. The brand ensures that all its products come with a simple interface and will be really easy to use. Fancy a quick look at the appliances?

The Black & Decker washing machine range has two front load models in 6kg and 8kg capacity, and one top load model in 7.5kg capacity. The flagship front-load machines come with a BLDC motor which means you can save some extra bucks on that hefty electricity bill. Plus, they feature an advanced washing tub on a Hex-Net Crystal design and a Triple Velocity Jet system. The machines also feature a built-in heater and fabric-specific smart wash, along with an LCD screen and a dial program selector.

The air conditioners, on the other hand, feature a minimalist design and look pretty chic. There are two capacity variants including 1.5 Ton and 2.0 Ton. And, they feature CAD sensors, are quad-convertible and use an eco-friendly refrigerant called R32. The brand has not yet revealed the prices for these products so you may as well stay tuned to get more information.