BMW joins forces with AirConsole to transform the BMW 5 Series cars into a gaming hub

Let the fun drive you wild!

BMW is revving to bring the thrill of gaming straight to the road in the all-new BMW 5 Series. The brand has teamed up with the gaming platform AirConsole so buckle up because it's time to play some cool games while your ride takes a pit stop and all you need is a smartphone.

Just fire up the AirConsole app on your smartphone and scan a QR code on the Curved Display. And you’re ready. The AirConsole app also supports multiple players, so you can gather your fellow road warriors and unleash your gaming skills in a friendly (or fiercely competitive) showdown.

Whether you're a lone ranger or a team player, there's a game for everyone. There are racing games, quizzes on sports and music, sims, strategy games, jump-and-run adventures and of course puzzles.

To celebrate this fusion of gaming and supercars, BMW has presented the BMW i5 with a jaw-dropping gaming wrap. The wrap pays homage to the legendary 8-bit era of computer games. The giant pixels are like stepping stones into a pixelated wonderland, while the vibrant colour scheme draws inspiration from the multitude of games available on the AirConsole platform. Oh, and did we mention the wrap even features elements of video game controllers, capturing the essence of in-car gaming with AirConsole? Yup!