Boat Stone Majestic Riverdale Rocker speaker features a retro vibe

Retro meets the beats of today?

Boat recently introduced a fresh Bluetooth speaker — the Stone Majestic Riverdale Rocker. The homegrown brand has collaborated with Netflix for its newest limited edition release, tying it into The Archies universe.

The Boat Stone Majestic Riverdale Rocker has a retro-inspired design that bears a resemblance to Marshall's speakers. Sporting a rectangular shape, the device showcases a dual-toned aesthetic - featuring a wooden surface on the rear half and a textured black pattern on the front section. The front panel notably features a rotating control knob, while the top panel houses six physical buttons reminiscent of classic, vintage speaker designs.

The speaker is equipped with dual-range full drivers, dual EQ modes and delivers a 90W sound output. The drivers are accompanied by a built-in subwoofer, catering to diverse audio needs, especially for movies. According to Boat, it offers six hours of playback on a single charge. For connectivity, the speaker supports Bluetooth 5.3, AUX, USB, and HDMI (ARC). Weighing 3.5kg, the Boat Stone Majestic Riverdale Rocker speaker is currently available for pre-order at ₹9,999 through the Boat website.