CCA PLA13 is the brand’s first planar magnetic in-ear monitor

For noise-free sound?

Do you know how Planar IEMs drill holes in the pocket? Any music and audio professional is well aware. But it doesn’t have to be that way, definitely not with CCA’s PLA13, the planar magnetic in-ear monitor that comes at a small price of ₹6,499.

The brand’s first-ever planar IEM, the PLA13 comes with a 13.2mm planar magnetic driver with a fast transient response. Plus, it hosts a double-sided array magnet dual-cavity planar driver that enables the duo to produce a vibrant and responsive tone.

The brand also ensures that the CCA PLA13 can capture subtle nuances in recordings. It is calibrated with acoustic engineering inside the nozzle to provide a natural sound. The ear shells are made of aluminium alloy faceplates and skin-friendly resin. Its design looks chic and has an ergonomic form factor.

Even the stock cable is silver-plated. It has standard 0.75mm 2-pin connectors and 3.5mm termination. Devoid of all microphonics, the PLA13 has an HD microphone so you can even use it for making calls.