Celebrate 45 years of Space Invaders with an AR world defence game

Pokemon Go but make it retro!

In honour of the iconic game Space Invaders reaching its 45th anniversary, an exciting collaboration has been forged between TAITO, the game's developer, and Unit9 to bring a new dimension to gaming through augmented reality.

Space Invaders: World Defense is a mobile game available on Android and iOS, inviting players from around the globe to take the gaming action beyond the screen and into the real world. In this AR experience, Space Invaders materialize from buildings, rooftops, and other structures, challenging players to join forces and protect Earth together.

After pointing your phone at the surroundings, you will see Space Invaders pop up for you to defeat and earn points and also unlock special power-ups. The game encourages friendly competition, with players vying for top scores in their neighbourhoods. Additionally, players can share their achievements through fun AR selfies on social media.

The game's experience is powered by ARCore and Geospatial API, enabling it to incorporate the player's real-world environment, time, and local weather into the gameplay. Pretty cool right?