Charge+Zone’s ChargeCloud is a SaaS solution for EV charging stations

Charging vehicles made easy, someone said?

Charge+Zone rolled out ChargeCloud, their new software for managing EV charging stations. With this sweet solution, charging station operators can tap into some serious potential, boost revenue, and make sure those chargers get used to the max.

ChargeCloud offers a bunch of software services that instantly hook up chargers to Charge+Zone's Charging Station Management System (CMS). For a subscription fee of just ₹499 per charger per month, charging station operators gain access to a suite of features designed to increase their revenue streams.

This smart software solution manages charging sessions, boosts charger usage, and gives real-time data insights to help you make informed decisions for peak performance from the charging setup.

ChargeCloud has also got a mobile app that makes everything work together! With this interoperability thing, charging station owners can cater to a massive customer base and ensure their chargers play nice with EVs from all sorts of car makers. So, drivers and owners get seamless services without any hassles.

ChargeCloud is taking things to the next level with ChargeMasters – a team of experts handling the operation and maintenance of those chargers. This ain't your typical software solution, after all!