Computex 2023: Arm’s Cortex-X4 is the next-gen mobile chipset

Arm's getting chip-tastic!

Arm just unveiled its newest fourth-generation Cortex-X core, the Arm Cortex-X4.They claim it's their fastest CPU yet, so maybe get ready to take off like a rocket!

According to Arm, Cortex-X4 promises 15% more performance than its predecessor, the Cortex-X3. And the Cortex-X4 isn't just about raw power, it will also enable and enhance the AI and machine learning-based apps.

Along with speed and smarts, Arm claims that the Cortex-X4's microarchitecture consumes 40% less power than the Cortex-X3, all while operating on the same process. If this be true, your phone won't be draining its battery faster than a thirsty camel in the desert. Arm says, “These performance and efficiency gains bring the on-device experiences, like UI responsiveness and application launch time, to the next level and enable next-gen AI and ML-based applications.”

Furthermore, the brand said that it is taping out the Cortex-X4 on the TSMC 3nm node process, which is TSMC's most advanced manufacturing process. This means that the design of the Cortex-X4 CPU is ready to be sent to TSMC for manufacturing.

The brand didn’t just stop at the Cortex-X4. Arm has also announced a new platform called Total Compute Solutions 2023 (TCS23). TCS23 is basically a collection of chips that can be used to create the systems on chips (SOCs). TCS23 boasts CPUs, GPUs, memory controllers, and other components. The CPU cluster includes the fourth-generation Cortex-X4, which has the performance cores, the Cortex-A520 which includes the high efficiency cores and Cortex-A720 which has the premium efficiency cores for tasks like gaming.