Computex 2024: Gigabyte AI TOP lets you train AI locally

Democratising access to AI development!

At Computex 2024, Gigabyte has launched its “Train Your Own AI on Your Desk” initiative, introducing the Gigabyte AI TOP. It is a comprehensive solution specifically designed to simplify and empower the local training of AI models. The platform addresses the burgeoning demand for accessible AI development tools, providing users with an efficient way to develop and train their own AI models.

The Gigabyte AI TOP solution is a comprehensive and integrated platform that consists of three components– AI TOP Utility, AI TOP Hardware, and AI TOP Tutor. The AI TOP Utility is a user-friendly software application that lets you train large language models locally, with support for models of up to 236 billion parameters. This also ensures that sensitive data remains private and secure.

The AI TOP Hardware is a flexible and upgradable ecosystem of components, including Gigabyte motherboards, graphics cards, solid-state drives (SSDs), and power supplies. This hardware ecosystem is specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of AI training, without necessitating specialised or proprietary infrastructure.

The AI TOP Tutor is a support system that provides users of all levels with consultation services, setup guidance, and technical assistance. This ensures that you can integrate the AI TOP solution into your workflow, overcome any challenges you may encounter, and maximise the benefits of local AI model training.