Computex 2024: Nvidia Project G-Assist is an AI-powered assistant designed to help gamers

Team Green leading the way!

Nvidia showcased Project G-Assist, its "RTX-powered AI assistant technology demo" at Computex 2024. Sure, it might sound like something out of a sci-fi flick, but this is an AI assistant crafted to assist you with in-game challenges. Nvidia says it has also got the ability to provide gaming strategies, analyse replays, and even answer queries about on-screen elements during gameplay. Right now, Project G-Assist is just a demo. But it's also a peek into tomorrow's tech!

According to Nvidia, Project G-Assist accepts voice or text commands from the player, along with contextual cues from the game screen. It processes this information using "AI vision models" to develop "contextual awareness" and comprehend the game, enriching its database with game-specific knowledge. It then uses this data to provide personalised responses in both text and speech formats.

In a demo, Nvidia showcased G-Assist responding to voice queries like "what’s the next early game weapon and where do I find the crafting materials for it?" while playing ARK: Survival Ascended. This assistant goes a step further by understanding your in-game progress, adapting to your skill points, and providing tailored guidance as you play.

Nvidia's AI assistant can also optimise and fine-tune your PC settings. It can even whip up charts showing your PC's latency and frames per second over the last minute. Plus, it's smart enough to spot if you're gaming at a measly 60Hz on a monitor capable of 240Hz! You can also ask the assistant for tips to hit that golden 60fps mark or to crank up your GPU's overclocking settings.