Cougar NxSys Aero gaming chair comes with a built-in 200mm RGB fan

Because you need the cooling more than your PC does!

Gaming chairs have already upped the ante in the gaming world by delivering comfort and support for those marathon gaming sessions. But what if your chair could take things up a notch? Meet Cougar's latest NxSys Aero gaming chair, equipped with a built-in 200mm RGB fan. The fan ensures efficient air circulation, with a special focus on keeping your back cool.

In addition to the cooling feature, the gaming chair boasts an elastomeric mesh and a ventilated back cover that creates a sensation similar to floating while you're in it. The NxSys Aero also throws in a lumbar pillow designed to physiotherapy standards to ensure support for your lower back. Plus, there's a magnetic head cushion that's fully adjustable, letting you dial in the perfect comfort level.

In contrast to the typical bucket seats, the NxSys Aero seat flaunts a subtly scalloped design. This design not only provides extra cushioning but also offers a broader support area. And to top it off, it's wrapped in premium PVC leather upholstery, chosen for its breathability and plush texture. If you're eyeing this piece of tech, it's priced for $399 (approx ₹32,200) and is set to hit the market in mid-October.