Dali IO-12 is the world’s first pair of headphones with the brand’s Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) tech

Make your eardrums dance with delight!

For over four decades, Dali has been crafting sound-emitting contrapt​​ions that have captured the hearts and ears of enthusiasts far and wide. Now, the Danish manufacturer has come up with their latest Dali IO-12 wireless headphones which also happen to be the world’s first pair of headphones featuring Dali’s patented Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) technology.

The brand ensures that its SMC technology is what makes these headphones heroic. Combined with DALI’s signature paper fibre cones, significantly reduces hysteresis, reducing uneven harmonic distortion, thus resulting in an “exceptionally clear sound with ultra-low distortion”. Also, the Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) magnet system is the same as the firm's loudspeakers, borrowed from the sacred halls of Dali's line of top-tier loudspeakers.

Well, there is definitely more than the SMC tech, the Dali IO-12 includes 50mm custom drivers and supports active noise cancellation. It also features Qualcomm's aptX Adaptive Bluetooth codec for improved wireless audio transmission and can be used with digital USB-C or analogue 3.5mm wired connections, making it compatible with smartphones, Digital Audio Players (DAPs), PCs, gaming consoles, et cetera.

Plus, the IO-12 is equipped with built-in microphones and it boasts a battery life of up to 35 hours. Its also got foldable design, oversized square ear cups and plush leather headband for comfort and proper travel chops. All that tech doesn’t come cheap so you’ll need to spend $1499 (₹1,24,145) for the Dali IO-12.