Dell’s first Gaming Experience Store lets you try out the best devices the brand has to offer

Pause your game to be here!

Do you remember the video game parlours from the 90’s: the land of spotty teenagers with endless rows of machines that ate up all your coins faster than you could say "Game Over". Well, a revamped edition of the gaming parlours is back and it has not just any arcade games and consoles but the most up-to-date devices. Referring to Dell’s first and one-of-its kind Gaming Experience Store in India.

Located in New Delhi’s Nehru Place, the store has Dell and Alienware devices on display.There is a ‘Browse and Explore’ section where you can look and feel a variety of Dell gaming laptops and a ‘Battle Zone’ where you can fight the battle for your life on the latest gaming devices and an ‘Accessories Zone’ which showcases peripherals and other offerings by dell.

The store has a metallic style in its look and feel with iconic Alienware elements like monochrome tones and discrete lighting that can surely transport you to a futuristic era. So if you want to check out the devices as well as play on them visit the store!