Devialet Mania is a portable speaker capable of stereo sound

It may be le petit but it will make you say Oui Oui…

When it comes to this French work of art, you get what you expect… high-quality design worthy of the Louvre and impactful sound. The Devialet Mania may share dimensions with a teapot, but don’t be fooled, it packs a whopping six separate drivers!

The device uses intelligent room calibration, using the four individual microphones to measure reflective surfaces and adjust the output of its four full-range speakers, tailor-made for your space. The g-sensor knows when the speaker has been picked up and moved and will start the recalibration process on the go. The twin woofers utilize a push-pull arrangement to deliver the “visible sound” Devialet’s customers have grown to expect with 4mm of driver movement. 

The combo offers an impressive 30Hz-20,000Hz frequency range, and when set to full blast can churn out 95 decibels – take that firecrackers! And to amp it up further, you can always add it to an existing Devialet system for all your multi-room shenanigans.

When it comes to connectivity, it has Bluetooth on-board in addition to Spotify Connect, built-in Wi-Fi and AirPlay 2. Devialet’s smartphone companion app has several user EQs to choose from too, and provides you with access to Alexa voice assistant support (if that’s what you prefer). A dedicated hardware button on the speaker then lets you mute the mics if you prefer your privacy at a pinch and the built-in handle and IPX4 water resistance allow you to bring the party everywhere!

The battery-powered sphere uses a USB-C charging port to juice up and offers about 10 hours of playback. You can even use the base unit’d conductive pin to recharge. The Sphere is battery powered and is available in three skins– dark grey, light grey, and a special gold and grey edition in partnership with the Opera National de Paris.

This premium speaker comes at an equally premium price of £690 (₹68,000 approx.) via the website and physical stores.