DJI Osmo Action 3 wants to be your next GoPro…

Freezing out the competition

In the highly competitive arena of adventure photography and videography, it seems DJI has taken a step back and ditched the modular cameras to compete with GoPro head-on. Heading back to basics, the company has launched the new Osmo Action 3 camera. Sporting a one-piece design, the ‘Osmo’ is possibly a way for the brand to distinguish the Action 3 from its predecessor the Action 2. 

The DJI Osmo Action 3 resembles the setup of its predecessor in terms of the camera setup with a 12MP 1/1.7in sensor behind a 155° ultra-wide lens (f/2.8). The videos are recorded and stored on a microSD card at up to 130Mbps. The camera is capable of shooting in 4K/120fps with RockSteady 3.0 electronic image stabilization. The improved heat management system allows for continuous 4K/60fps recording until the battery runs out of power.

Other features include the D-Cinelike Color Mode which is available in video, slow-motion and timelapse modes. This really aids the editing process in post-production. The HorizonSteady feature is back too! It will keep the horizon level no matter how you choose to spin the camera. That said, it is limited to 2.7K/60fps. A new HorizonBalancing mode also debuts on this device. Working as a middle ground, it is capable of correcting tilt up to 45° while working up to 4K/60fps.

The camera is accompanied by a protective frame with two attachment points that enables you to quickly switch between horizontal and vertical video. The 1.4in front display features touch support which aids functionality. The rear display is larger too at 2.25 inches. The Osmo Action 3 is waterproof up to 16m, without additional housing. Most impressively, it can survive and thrive even in temperatures from -20° to 45°C (with the included battery). That said, the charging range of batteries is 5° to 40°C, so use them wisely.

When it comes to the battery, you get fast charging support that gives you 0-80% in 18 minutes, while the remaining 20% needs another 32 minutes. Lastly, for audio, the camera has three microphones aboard with the option of plugging in external mics using the USB Type-C to 3.5mm adapter. So whether it's live streams or adventure videography in the North Pole, the camera has you covered. 

The basic camera combo for the DJI Osmo Action 3 is priced at $330 (approximately ₹26,000), with prices increasing with additional gear.