Formovie Laser TV C3 is an ultra-short throw projector priced for ₹2,40,000

Aiming to outshine those humongous TV screens?

If you are always on the lookout for gadgets that can take your home-entertainment game a notch up, Formovie’s latest Laser TV C3 projector might just grab your attention. An ultra-short throw projector, the Formovie ‘Laser TV C3’ is positioned as an alternative to your typical massive smart TV screens.

The Laser TV C3 features an advanced Laser Phosphor Display (ALPD) technology and with a size that ranges from 80 to 120 inches, it beams 4K resolution with 400 nit brightness. Plus, it has got a contrast ratio of 3000:1 ratio and delivers vivid visuals in a palette of 1.07 billion colours. Additionally, the Formovie Laser TV C3 also comes with a built-in FengOS system and includes an Amazon 4K Fire Stick Max for access to various services, encompassing OTT video and gaming entertainment.

Compared to LCD TVs, the Formovie Laser TV C3 features an ultra-thin, borderless full-screen design and blue light eye protection. And the sound, you ask? Well, Dolby Audio, DTS-HD, and two 15-watt speakers make sure your ears are in for a treat. The Laser TV C3 has a pure white matte body with a starry fabric patch design. And it's yours for ₹2,40,000, you can get it from the Formovie India website.