Franck Muller Vanguard New Tone Skeleton collection is inspired by Newton's theory

Wonders of light bedazzle these timepieces!

This one’s for all you luxury watch enthusiasts with a flair for science! Franck Muller's newest Vanguard New Tone Skeleton collection is inspired by the colourful nature of light and embodies the essence of Isaac Newton's theory on the visible spectrum of light. Talk about flaunting some serious science on your wrist! 

Imagine wearing one of these timepieces and as you strut your stuff, the colours put on a show. The hue that appears will change depending on the angle of view, for instance, the blue will feature beautiful faints of purple when seen from a different angle.

The watches have got a spectracoat coating made of metal oxide that gives each watch one of Newton's primary colours, making them look iridescent! This collection features a carbon case in four different sizes to suit both ladies and men; ladies' ones even have a version with black diamonds and a black PVD treatment.