Google reveals 'Make-in-India' plan for Pixel 8

Now made with Indian touch!

Taking a significant step in line with India's 'Make-in-India' initiative, Google is set to join the ranks of Apple and Samsung by manufacturing its latest smartphones within the country. At the 9th edition of Google for India, the company made it clear that it's committed to producing Pixel phones in India. The production process will kick off with the standard Pixel 8 model in its initial phase. If all goes according to plan, we can expect to see the 'Made in India' Pixel 8 on store shelves in early 2024.

This is a significant move, and it could mean that Pixel smartphones become more affordable and easier to get for folks in India. Google hasn't spilled the beans on the exact manufacturing partners yet, but they're talking about teaming up with a mix of local and international manufacturers to make Pixels right here. The Google Pixel 8 hit the Indian markets earlier this month for ₹75,999, you can go through our full review here