GoPro Quik editing app is now available on macOS

From smartphone to computer, and vice-versa!

GoPro has introduced its Quik app for desktops, starting with macOS. Now you can take your video editing game to the big screen. This app is cloud-based, which means you can start editing on your phone and continue on your system. So basically you can skip the hassle of transferring files.

The app features automatic video highlights, powerful editing tools synced to music, video adjustments and filters. Quik is available now, with Windows support coming soon. Quik subscription is priced at ₹499/year. The subscription includes unlimited access to mobile editing tools, auto edits, 47 photo and video filters, 15 edit themes (including Urban, Memory, Travel, and Glitch themes), 300+ original music tracks, and 150+ premium, royalty-free tracks. You can try Quik for free on macOS, iOS, and Android.