Hedgehog is a do-it-all mouse you need in your life

No piggy left behind

First video killed the radio, now the mouse has set out to kill the keyboard. Yes, you read that right. While keyboards get fancier and more convenient, the mouse has upped its game in an epic fashion. The likes of the Hedgehog come with 23 customizable buttons, smooth slide controls and an all-new control system. The mouse can help level up your MMO performance to make you a hotkey pro.

The controller has two unique modes which free your fingers up, to focus on important abilities– the Joystick Mode and the Key-Press Mode (W, A, S, D). You can simply place the Hedgehog onto the slider base that accompanies it and the mouse will automatically detect it is a controller, allowing for smooth, responsive movement in-game. 

The Hedgehog's key placement parallels in-game hotkeys so that you won't have to shift your hand position or fingers to access buttons. The 23 customizable buttons consist of the Left Click, Right Click, Ring finger click, scroll wheel click, DPI button, three knuckle buttons, three pinky buttons and 12 side buttons. You can even bind buttons as modifier buttons to create several permutations and combinations of actions you have instant access to.

In the attempt to void our lives of keyboards entirely, the Hedgehog enables you to use two mice at the same time. It provides a unique and optimized way to control your game, without having to move your fingers off the buttons. It will take a little while to master, but once you’ve got it down, it will be smooth sailing.

It is truly unique in its ability to utilize all your fingers and knuckles like few have done before. With the included Hedgehog software, you can edit settings for your mice and create custom profiles for different games. Not only does it support you in all kinds of games, but the mouse can also be used with other apps too. You can bind shortcuts to buttons for Photoshop, Illustrator and even Ableton. Don’t worry no one is left out, the mouse is available for both left-handed and right-handed folks!

The PTFE Premium mouse feet are engineered to reduce those annoying snags from your mouse mat and the Snap Action Switches are rated for 50 million clicks, to keep you going. The endeavour has received mass support on Kickstarter and is said to drop in the next 25 days, so stay tuned for updates and hopefully get your hand/s on these to up your game! The mouse will be priced starting at $99 (₹8,000 approx.)