Hood app lets you anonymously share your thoughts and opinions online

Be the new Anonymous

What’s new in the hood you ask? Well, it’s Hood - the social network that's has people talking... anonymously! Yep, you heard that right. Hood is the perfect place to be yourself without worrying about being judged. It's like a mask but for your words.

Now, you might be wondering why anyone would want to chat anonymously. Well, it's simple - people want to be able to express themselves freely without fear of repercussions. Hood delivers just that. You can talk about anything and everything without worrying about who's listening in.

Plus, Hood has got your back when it comes to privacy. You can only talk to people who are already part of your network, so you don't have to worry about strangers jumping in on your conversations.

And with 10+ categories of groups, there's something for everyone on Hood. Whether you're into mental health, entertainment, or just want to chat with your college or office buddies, Hood has got you covered.

It sounds a lot like Reddit but just try and stay out of trouble, anonymity might bring out a side of you, you didn’t know existed!