Huion Kamvas Pro 13, Pro 16 and Pro 16 Plus take your art skills from zero to Van Gogh

Step it up…

Huion has just come out with a fresh new line of Kamvas Pro graphic tablets that will help turn your stick figure drawings into Van Gogh masterpieces. These babies come in three sizes– 13in, 15.6in, and 15.8in, which is big enough to see your artwork without needing a magnifying glass.

First up, we have the Kamvas Pro 13, which features a 13in display with 2.5K QHD+ resolution and a colour gamut volume of 145% sRGB. It's got an anti-glare coating and 7 programmable keys to customize your workflow. Plus, it's lightweight and has a built-in stand that lets you adjust it to your liking. All of this can be yours for ₹42,990 - not too shabby!

But wait, there's more! If you're looking for something bigger, the Kamvas Pro 16 and Kamvas Pro 16 Plus might be just what you need. With display sizes of 15.6in and 15.8in respectively, they'll give you plenty of room to work with. The Kamvas Pro 16 has a 2.5K UHD display, while the Kamvas Pro 16 Plus boasts a 4K UHD display that will knock your socks off! Both models have programmable keys and come with a battery-free PenTech 3.0 stylus that is designed to feel like the real thing. You can grab the Kamvas Pro 16 for ₹59,990 or splurge on the Kamvas Pro 16 Plus for a whopping ₹79,990.

And did we mention that these tablets are compatible with just about everything? Yup, whether you're a Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, or iOS user, you'll be able to use these bad boys without any issues. So, if you're a graphic designer or an artist looking for a new tool to add to your arsenal, these tablets are definitely worth checking out. If you're not, well, you can still buy one and pretend you're an artist. We won't judge, though art critics might!