Jarviz smart luggage can follow you hands-free

It's got power wheels and a display unit!

Imagine you're gliding through the airport, hands-free, as your luggage stroller faithfully follows right behind you like a loyal sidekick. Well, Arista Vault claims its possible with its latest smart luggage Jarviz.

Its ‘Follow Me’ mode lets you glide it behind you for up to 10 km. Its got power wheels at the back and a top-mounted display unit, paired with AI sensors, that automatically connects with the remote. In ‘Ride On’ mode, you can also sit back and cruise at speeds of 7, 9, or 12 km/h for up to 7 km. The Self-Balancing/Climb Mode ensures smooth navigation over inclines and rough terrain, as per the brand. Additionally, it features a USB charging port for charging.

Jarviz has got a 33L capacity and the ability to carry up to 120 kg in ‘Ride On’ mode. You can also keep tabs on your Jarviz luggage with the built-in GPS tracker via the Arista Vault App. For added security, it features an anti-theft system, including a num-lock and a separation alarm. The luggage has a sleek finish, polished with the same coating used for cars. This smart luggage starts at a price of ₹15,000.