JioTag is Jio’s latest tracking device in the face of AirTag

Never lose your cool (or your stuff) again!

True love once lost can not be found, but all your other belongings can be with Jio’s latest accessory – the JioTag. The tracking device is basically an alternative to Apple’s AirTag. Just attach it to your stuff (but of course your heart) and you can track ‘em all via the smartphone.

With the JioThings app as your trusty ally, you'll probably never have to bid farewell to your precious possessions. Once a JioTag-equipped item decides to go on a sneaky disappearing act, your smartphone will sound the alarm, notifying you in the nick of time.

If you accidentally swipe away the notifications, the Jio Community Network (similar to the Find My Network), like a team of expert trackers will spring into action. Simply mark the JioTag in the JioThings app, and let the Community Network will search for the item and provide you with its location.

This little tag boasts Bluetooth version 5.1, making sure its range reaches up to 50 meters in the great outdoors and up to 20 meters in cozy interiors. And guess what? Its replaceable battery is not for days or months, the JioTag can keep going strong for a whole year.  You can have the JioTag for ₹749 from the Jio website, JioMart or Reliance Digital.